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  • We do not track or save personal data except for the specific information mentioned below:
  • When you register with the nC Zone, your Discord ID is stored. A Discord ID is an 18-digit numerical identifier unique to you on Discord, independent of your current username. Your Discord ID is accessible to anyone who shares a Discord server with you or engages in direct messages with you.
  • Upon website authentication, a single technical necessary 'session' cookie is stored in your browser.
  • Your participation in games hosted by the nC Zone, along with associated information such as your performance on maps, with civilizations, and with other players, is retained indefinitely.
  • Any information you provide to the nC Zone, e.g. your map preferences, is stored without a set time limit.

Used Software

This is a list of direct dependencies only. Third-party dependencies are not explicitly listed but can be found in the corresponding dependency list.