On Ratings and Priorities of ncZone

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On Ratings and Priorities of ncZone

Post by Fenrir_05 » Sat 22. Jun 2019, 14:44

A lot of discussion has been going on in the last few weeks about ratings and quality of games and other related topics(being respectful for example). I spent the last two nights reading through elo rating calculations and how games can be balanced in team games with large variance in player rating and player skill that could help ncZone be more fair.

And then I wrote down the reasons why ncZone exists and what the priorities are for this unique community.
1. The rating is only to showcase difference in skill levels. Ultimately the matchups provide a win-win scenario. The highest rated player is challenged to fight against more than 1 player while the lowest rated player is challenged to play at the level of the higher rated players. So rating is not the primary reason we are here.

2. The zone is for learning and teaching and most importantly, having fun. Its true that the zone provides matches with low lag and to an extent consistent games with regular people. These are the benefits we get in return for our friendliness. By discarding our friendliness for frustrations, we limit ourselves to petty fights of elo ratings and calling one another bad and so on.

I say we because I have also been part of these discussions that in the long run will only cause further detrimental effects to this community and I want to stop and help people understand the purpose of this community.
I believe that every player here is smart and able to recognize priorities. So I ask for the following,

- Learn and Teach where you can so you can inspire others to do the same.
- Being competitive but forgiving is the best thing you can do for this community. By accepting the abilities and deficiencies, you allow for the other person to grow leading to respect and teamwork.
- Being righteous/selbstgerecht is the ultimate foolish thing you can do in this community. This community was built on friendship, trust and teamwork. Your individual righteousness has no use in this place.

Please remember - The numbers you see in this website relating to you are worth nothing in real life. The friendships that you make through this website however, could change you greatly for all your life.

Final Note - Please consider not making fun of this post as someone in the future might come and read it and would appreciate how good this community is.

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