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Build Orders

Post by __hamza »

Everyone please feel free to contribute to this.
I had been looking for a thread where most build orders are. If I skipped it somewhere please direct this thread.

This will be beneficial to new players and can be a resource for the future as well.

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Re: Build Orders

Post by Obelix »

I would recommmend you 3 build orders that are important you can watch on youtube

Flank build orders:
Archer Build Order:
Man at Arms into archers:

Pocket scouts:

Most important thing is to keep your town centers not idle.
I also know some players with more elo who just have a sheet with the BOs next to your keyboard for the dark age.

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Re: Build Orders

Post by Yaguar »
Build orders included:
- Scouts
- Archers
- Men-at-Arms - Archers
- Drush - Archers
- Drush - Fast Castle
- Fast Castle - Boom
- Fast Castle - Knights
- Fast Castle - Unique Unit
Spoiler! :
Additionally, but mostly unsuitable for TG:

- Scouts - Skirms
- Scouts - Archers
Most important ones highlighted. Prominently missing are BOs for and relying on water, such as Fast Feudal Water and Fishboom Knights.
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