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Coaching Stream

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Hi all,

I did a similar post some time back, asking for recordings of higher rated players since that time, there were close to no players with lower elo then mine. In the past weeks/month I think this changed slightly with quite a few new faces.

I am trying my best with coaching streams for players with lower elo than mine on my twitch channel:
(Currently <1300 maybe <1400 1vs1 works)

There is a channel for posting recordings on my discord( Looking forward to cast your games!

My focus is more on game casts than on coop coaching, but in case there is a use case where it makes sense, I am also up for it.

If someone wants me to look into and cast his games, even though he is higher elo, I am still happy to do that. So feel free to post recordings in that case as well! (I will probably not focus on coaching in that case but more show case casting)

My coaching streams will be announced on discord a few days before but can only plan for a Stream, if there are available, so please post them whenever you are up for it.

Hopefully, seeing you soon in the steam either as trainee or co-coach in chat supporting with additional advice!

note: I am streaming primarily in German at the moment but I am happy to do English streams in case someone is interested! (Planning for it already)

And it’s for free. <3

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Re: Coaching Stream

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Everybody take a look at this for special Migration coaching :)
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