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nC Zone Rules

Post by nC_$kittle_ » Tue 26. Mar 2019, 08:46

nC Zone Rules
update from 26th of March 2019

1. Requirements for Activation

1.1. Since March 2019 we only accept applications from EU and countries with high internet speed and a usual green ping <300ms. The players should be fluent in English. Exceptions on probation are possible through admin approval.
1.2. Register an account at Please use your best known voobly account as nickname.
1.3. Open a new topic here: viewforum.php?f=16 Please link your voobly account and post a short (aoc) description of you: Who are you? Where are you from? How long do you play AoC? What are your ratings on other platforms? how did you find nC Zone?
1.4. Before activation we need an accurate starting rate for you. The easiest way is to find someone in the list of Players (nczone#/players) who knows how good you are so he can suggest a start rating in your thread. In case you don’t find one you can just do some 1v1 against players from the list and let them post a suggestion.
1.5. Before your first game you need a working installation of teamspeak. The Server is TS,the Password you will get from any player of nC Zone. In case of a downtime we use TS
1.6. Please make sure to download the nC Maps Mod. It includes the current versions of all maps in the map pool. All games have to be played on the maps from this mod: ... s/Overview

2. General Behaviour

2.1. Always keep in mind: It’s just a game. There will always be some flaming while playing, but we do not tolerate real insults.
2.2. Please use your brain within the scope of your capabilities.
2.3. Using the nC Zone is a privilege, not a right. All costs are paid by the nC members.
2.4. Players that don’t fit in our concept because of reducing the fun for others can be banned, temporarily or forever.

3. Usage of the Zone

3.1. Please only log in (into the players list in the top right corner of nczone) when you want to play. Please log out if you start any other games or go away from the PC for more than 5min.
3.2. Before drawing please ask in the gameroom, mChat or teamspeak if it’s ok. Don’t draw with odd numbers.
3.3. The drawer has to host a gameroom in voobly and writes the room number into the mChat.
3.4. Please join a drawn game as fast as possible.
> After 5 minutes it is allowed to replace a player that is not ready to play.
> After 10 minutes it is allowed to post the game without evaluation. 1v1 can be posted without evaluation at any time.
3.5. Please make sure to select the correct winner when transmitting the game result.
3.6. Before using the “+2 players”-function please inform all players in the game about that. As soon as there is one player who is against +2, it is not allowed to use that function
3.7. Before using the “[K]”-function to replace a player with the first one of the players list, please inform all players in the game about that. As soon as there is one player who is against [K], it is not allowed to use that function. If a player is later than 5 minutes according to rule 2.4. it is not necessary to ask the affected player before using the function.
3.8. Teamspeak has to be used for every game. It is allowed to mute the microphone, but you have to be able to hear the mates.
3.9. You have to use your main voobly account (=the one you registered here) for every game.

4. Ingame Rules

4.1. The drawn teams, map and civs have to be played. The map and civs can only be changed if all players in the draw agree on different settings.
4.2. If a player drops the game has to be restored.
4.3. Sling is strictly forbidden until the slinger reached imperial age. The sole exception is a sling of 300 wood 100 stone if a mate lost his last tc and can’t afford a new one. In case of a sling by mistake before imperial age the ressources have to be paid back immediately.
4.4. It is only allowed to resign after more than the half of the team agreed to resign. Not following this rule or sidestepping it (f.e. forcing a defeat by deleting own units/buildings or playing bad on purpose) will lead to a warning or a ban.
4.5. The following actions are strictly forbidden and will result in a ban:
> any use of hacks
> Streamsniping
> receiving tipps from other people than the teammates while the game
> Stay in the game and tell the mates what is going on after being defeated
> Watch the recorded game while waiting for the restore
> Long and frequent conflicts about colors
4.6. If there is at least one player with a rating <2000 in the draw laming is strictly forbidden for all players.
Laming is defined as:
> The Stealing or killing of animals which belong to the opponent on purpose
> The deleting of stragglers near the opponents tc (10 tiles radius)
> Walling of ressources which belong to an opponent in dark age
> Kill of villagers which are hunting a boar
(!) Killing villagers in dark age (except a boar hunter) is explicitly allowed.
4.7. Blackforest and Michi have to be played on explored
4.8. On maps with mainly straggler trees it is not allowed to delete stragglers except your own ones.
4.9. Restarts in case of bugged maps / wrong civs / deleted tcs have to be discussed with the opponent team before resigning. In case of disagreement an admin should be consulted.
4.10. On nomad maps (= start without tc) it is not allowed until min 5:00 to:
> Kill villagers
> Steal sheep next which are clearly captured by an opponent (explicitly not scouting sheeps without any villagers near them)
> wall in ressources, buildings or Units of any opponent
The general rule is that the “no-villager-killing-rule” may not be abused by doing actions with a villager that wouldn’t be possible or would result in a probable loss of the villager if that rule would not exist, for example taking a boar next to an opponents towncenter.
4.11. Spectators are welcome if they don't show bad behaviour.
4.12. If a game is not playable (for example because of heavy lag) it may be posted without evaluation if more than the half of the players in the game agree on it.
4.13. In case of a game coming to an unexpected end (f.e. no restore possible, a player has to leave suddenly) the other players can agree on a winner. If they cannot agree, the game has to be posted without evaluation. In that case you can upload the recorded game in the game thread and propose an admin investigation to find a winner.
4.14. For Arabia FP there are some special rules:
In a 3v3…
Team 1 has to take color 1, 3 (flank) and 5 (pocket).
Team 2 has to take 2, 4 (flank) and 6 (pocket).
In a 4v4…
Team has to take 1, 3 (flank) and 5, 7 (pocket).
Team 2 has to take 2, 4 (flank) and 6, 8 (pocket).
4.15. If “free choice” is drawn as a civ, it is not allowed to choose the civs which are shown as banned.

15th Aug 2019: 1.6. was added
23th Aug 2019: 3.9. was added

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Re: nC Zone Rules

Post by nC_$kittle_ » Fri 23. Aug 2019, 08:35

Rules were updated:

3.9. You have to use your main voobly account (=the one you registered here) for every game.

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