3v3 Improvement Cup

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3v3 Improvement Cup

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Tired of being 1600-2200, because there are no tournaments for you? This will change now. :)
The Improvement-Cup will give you the opportunity to participate with your friends/mates in two great tournaments, with a realistic chance to win it. The prize for the 4v4 winner-team will be Nicov giving you coaching sessions. The prize for the 3v3 winner team will be Tatoh giving you coaching sessions.
The coaching sessions will include 1v1 and teamgame coaching sessions. Each will get at least 1 hour individual 1v1 coaching+teamgame coaching.

Both tournaments will have a skill-cap to make sure that each team has a realistic chance to win.

For the 4v4 Event the skill-cap will be 7400(4x1850 for example).
Your highest Rating counts (wheter it is 1v1 or tg Rating).
Players who are above 2250 voobly are not allowed to participate in the tournaments.

1. General Rules:
-make sure you have time to participate in a Tournament which will last presumably two months
-treat your opponents with respect
-we will use the Standard bugged map Rules
-on non tc starts no laming until Minute 5
-only players who hit imp are allowed to start slinging
-during the Group stage one Restart per Team
-during the knockout stages two Restarts per Team

2. Civ Draft:
Instead of spending a lot of time with drafting, you will just pick turn based (higher Seed picks in the knockout stage first/in Group stage the Teams with the lower total teamrate)the following civ groups:

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
Ethiopians Atztec Burmese Byzantine Britons Goth Chinese Huns
Berbers Inca Vietnamese Persians Franks Italians Japanese Slavs
Mailans Maya Khmer Turks Celts Portuguese Mongols Magyars
Saracenes Spanish Malay Indians Teutons Spanish Koreans Vikings

3. 3v3 group stage
(this applies for 16 participating teams)
-there will be four groups with 4 teams in each group
-three teams will advance to the knockout stage-->first and second place will continue in the WB
-->thrid placed Team will continue in the LB

3.1 Process during the Group stage:

Map 1 Dry_Arab_Fixed Positions (u can chose if you want to be pocket or flank with the colors)

Map 2 HM looser of Map 1

Map 3 HM winner of Map 1

Map 4 Decentring 1.1 Civs: Chinese, Malians, Maya, Indians, Portuguese, Persians

Map 5 SY_Raft

3.2 Homemaps for the group stage:
Reg. Fortress

4. WB Bo7 quarterfinal

Map 1 Ghostlake Civs: Maya, Franks, Chinese, Portuguese, Magyar

Map 2 Hideout

Map 3 Mirage 1.1

Map 4 HM of the team which is currently behind

Map 5 HM of the other team

Map 6 SY_MFOPlateau_v2

Map 7 Homeland_v4 Civs: Celts, Mongols, Ethiopians, Slavs,

5. LB Bo7 quarterfinal

same settings

Homemaps for 4.+5.
ZR@Hoodoo 1.1
SY_Hippo's Belly

6. WB Bo7 semifinal

Map 1 Dry_Arab_Fixed Positions

Map 2 Reg. Fortress Civs: Vikings, Celts, Slavs, Japanese, Saracene, Britons

Map 3 Decentring Civs: Malians, Chinese, Maya, Mongol, Italians,

Map 4 HM of the team which is currently behind

Map 5 HM of the other team

Map 6 SY_Seize_The_Hump

Map 7 Ontario_v4 Civs: Team Random

6.1 Homemaps:
Land Nomad
Palisade Arena
ECL Arabia King of the Hill

7. LB Bo7 semifinal

Map 1 Dry_Arab_Fixed Positions Civs: Berber, Indians, Persians, Atztec, Ethiopians

Map 2 Land Nomad Civs: Persians, Chinese, Malians, Maya,

Map 3 SYNC_Yucatan

Map 4 HM of the team which is currently behind

Map5 Hm of the other team

Map 6 SY_Seize_The_Hump

Map 7 Arena King of the Hill Civs: Slavs, Malians, Celts, Mongols

7.1 Homemaps

8. WB finale Bo9

Map 1 Dry_Arab_Fixed Positions

Map 2 Reg. Fortress Civs: Celts, Spanish, Maya, Chinese

Map 3 SY_Seize_The_Hump Civs: Magyar, Mongol, Portuguese, Ethiopians

Map 4 SY_JDGrossrox Civs: Franks, Italians, Japanese, Malay, Vikings

Map 5 Panem v2 Civs: Chinese, Japanese, Malians, Indians

Map 6 CoT_Desert

Map 7 SYNC_Valley

Map 8 SYNC_ChaosPit

Map 9 SYNC_Rooster

9. LB finale Bo7

Map 1 Mirage 1.1 Civs: Huns, Magyar Ethiopians, Berbers, Mongols

Map 2 HM loser of Map 1

Map 3 HM winner of Map 1

Map 4 SYNC_JDGrossrox

Map 5 SY_MFOPlateau_v2

Map 6 SYNC_Valley Civs: Inca, Atztec, Celts, Franks, Malay, Vietnamese

Map 7 Dry_Arab_Fixed Positions Civs: Huns, Persians, Burmese, Malay

9.1 Homemaps:
Palisade Arena
Reg. Fortress

10. Grand Final Bo9

Map 1 Dry_Arab-Fixed Positions Civs: Inka, Maya, Atztec

Map 2 Decentring Civs: Chinese, Maya, Persians, Malians

Map 3 SY_Seize_The_Hump

Map 4 Palisade Arena

Map 5 Panem_v2

Map 6 SYNC_JDGrossrox

Map 7 SY_Hippos Belly

Map 8 Ontario_v4 Civs: Italians, Portuguese, Malay, Berbers, Mongols, Britons

Map 9 Arena King of the Hill Civs: Free Pick

This is a non open stream tournaments. Casters/Streamers so far are Nicov and Tatoh.


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