1v1 RM League S2 on Voobly

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1v1 RM League S2 on Voobly

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AEGIS League 1v1 RM for Voobly players.

This is second season and will be played with this mod+map-pack https://www.voobly.com/gamemods/mod/1377/AEGIS-League

This mod only adds 26 new maps and few changes in gameplay:
- moved transportship to dark age
- added eagle scout to feudal , eagle warrior to castle
- added arson
- added palisade gates
- added fire galley
- added second UT

When are the sign ups?
Starting from now : https://events.memberplushq.com/forums/ ... eason-2.2/

What time does it start at?

Hope not everyone from here :wololo: to DE

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