Master of nC 3, a 2vs2 tourney for nC Zone players (Y)

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Re: Rules

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nC_eru wrote: Tue 12. Jan 2021, 14:34
Good point, currently the winner bracket team has no advantage.
In the last tournaments I saw that had a loser bracket there was no advantage to the team that got in the final over the winner bracket - the advantage is simply that you have to play one match less.

Giving an extra on top of that just makes the final less interesting, I dont think its a good idea. Its more like having a second chance in case you have a bad day and fighting to the final over an extra round shouldnt be disadvantaged any further.

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Re: Rules

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The point is if Team A wins winner bracket final against Team B, Team B convincingly makes it to grand final and wins vs Team A both teams lost to each other one time, maybe even Team A won more maps, but still Team B wins the whole thing.

Or in the theoretical case that two teams are clearly the best two teams and easily crush everyone else, winning against the other strong team in the winner bracket does not mean anything.

It's simply not fair and therefore and advantage of minimum 1 map win should be provided in my opinon.

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