General welcome and info post - english version

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General welcome and info post - english version

Post by nC_Ann0r » Wed 13. Mar 2019, 21:11

Hi and welcome to tehZone!

The nC-Zone is an elaborated matchmaking platform for randomized, fair and interesting games on a variety of maps including a dynamic rating system and fair civilization assignment. Games are played on Voobly in the MS Lobby, always with the latest patch of AoE II: Wololo Kingdoms.

You need to register on the webpage and make a post in this sub-forum in order to get activated.
Therefore we need to rate you as accurately as possible:
Can you compare your teamgame skill to anyone from the player list? Or can any active nC-Zone player rate you? Some Information about your experience in AoE and ratings from HD and/or Voobly ladder are useful as well.

Requirements to play in the nC Zone(find detailed rules here):
- You need to speak German or English fluently (enough to communicate with your teammates).
- Use teamspeak: TS (password per PM from any nC-Zone player). You don't necessarily need a microphone, but you should be able to listen to your team.
- Your Ping should be acceptable from a european perspective: below 300 ms to all other players. Players not living in Europe or western Asia need to test it and get some admin approval.

How to use the Zone:
After activation with an appropriate rate you can login to the "ready-to-play-list" in the top right corner on this page if you want to join a game - and logout again if you dont want to. Have a look at this chart to get an idea on when to press which button:




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