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Posted: Mon 2. Dec 2019, 17:31
by NjorD
My name is Arnaud 29 years old, from French.
I'm playing AOC since 3 years, i'm about 1600 1650 on voobly
Main account :
Other account : &

I want to join your community, because I like varied cards, and I would like to play something other than arabia, BF.
know a little bit about how the nCzone works (, process before game,...)

Re: NjorD

Posted: Tue 3. Dec 2019, 22:40
by nC_Ann0r
Hi and welcome!

Sorry for the late response, the zone is partly hibernating right now, because many players are testing the definitive edition (we will switch the zone to DE within the next months)
But right now there are still some voobly games in the zone every day. For reasons of simplicity i will activate you without testgames with 1900. Please join our Teamspeak TS (Password via PM) when you plan to play nC-Zone, any player there can explain to you how it works.
We will correct your rating after the first few games.