Nomad Wars League (Paradox303)

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Nomad Wars League (Paradox303)

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Host: paradox303

I am happy to announce a continuous event: Nomad Wars LEAGUE. League will be an all year 1v1 event, ran concurrently to all other events. This will give players a chance to continuously practice tournament settings in a competitive format.

This will operate with multiple leagues according to Elo brackets with active promotion/relegation and play offs too. Each league will be aiming for 8 sign ups. No cap on number of leagues. Signs open to all elo.

League will have following format:

1st) Winner/Automatic Promotion
2nd) Playoff Spot*
3rd) Playoff Spot*
4th - 6th) Placing and Remain in League Guaranteed
7th) Playoff Final with winner of 2nd and 3rd from league below
8th) Automatic relegation

Different seasons will operate with different maps + settings and season one one will likely use the NWDuo map mod by TechChariot. This is the standard DE maps without treaty/orange box. There will be Nomad specific rules so do not worry about vill fighting.

Players will use a map discard system to identify a G1 neutral map. Players will then pick a home map from the map pool for their set for the BO3 group stage. Playoffs are BO5.

Thank you very much to Shawn Dewey for the amazing artwork. For any enquiries please contact

I have already been promoting this in my discord and have around 70 sign ups. Hoping to get lots more with the official announcement.

Sign ups close: February 20th Sunday 23.59 GMT
Brackets announced: February 23rd Wednesday 19.00 GMT

Sign ups in the discord: [](
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Re: Nomad Wars League (Paradox303)

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Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad NotLikeThis

Ich erwarte eine SbS Sieg
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