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Abu Abdullah.
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Post by Abu Abdullah. »

My name is Abu Abdullah, and I am from saudia arabia
I am playing AoE II for about two years, and i heard about the zone from hannibal
My Elo on:
HD version: -
HD DE version 1v1 Elo: 1650
My DE Teamgame Elo: 1550
I am particularly skilled in: 1vs1
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1 Fuchs
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Re: Activate

Post by 1 Fuchs »

Hey @Abu Abdullah cool you found this place :)

Very important for us and for you is to give you a fair Rating in our Elo system. By that we can make sure, that the teams are more or less equal fair and everyone has the most possible fun here.
Your experience roughly reflects 2700 Elo in our system. After the first games we will see if our first estimates were correct since we continously adjust all the ratings in our system so ensure good Team Games.

(Its very important to make sure, you know the basic build orders: 21 pop scouts from the pocket and 22 pop Archer / MAA from the flank, since besides fun we also want to play at a competetive level.
If you are looking for some good tutorials for all the BO's we have a nice overview here

Please download TS and read the most important hints on our main page
I will send you the TS Data via PM.

Cya the days and hf :)
"fuchs veruchst du dann jetzt wieder deine schlechte bo durch lame auszugleichen?"
"ich mein du hast 1200 punkte mehr und das war dein einziger guter move in dem game"
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Re: Activate

Post by Hannibal »

@fuchs I think 2k2/2k would be a decent starting elo for him.
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