Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

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Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by SAMEDO23 »

Hidden Zone Cup Logo.png

I am happy to announce a new Event, the Hidden Zone Cup.

The HZC is an 1vs1 Tournament, only for registered new-chapter.eu user, where players are hidden until the end of the tournament.
In order to keep the identities secret, we use new Steam accounts.
These accounts must be unused. No recorded ranked or lobby games.

To prevent misuse, sheduling and map drafts are handled by SAMEDO.
Players do the Civ Draft with Captains Mode: https://aoe2cm.net/
The link to the draft will be sent to you before the game starts.

Since a maximum of 16 people can take part in the tournament, I can unfortunately not consider all requests.
But I try to keep it as balanced as possible.

Sign ups close: 19.06.2022
Start of the Tournament: 25.06.2022
End of the Tournament: 31.07.2022

Set Maps: Zagros Mountains, Naivasha (Finale)

Maps you can pick: Beachfight, Bermuda, Cape of Storms, Fortified Clearing, Golden Island, Grand Bara, Mesas, Runestones, Sand Traps, Salt Marsh, Settlers.

Spoiler! :
Beachfight: Open Land Map
Bermuda: Hybrid Map, both Player on one Island. Extra Gold on second Island.
Cape of Storms: Hybrid Map, Wood between the players.
Cape of Storms.png
Fortified Clearing: Closed Land Map. Your Base is surrounded with Stonewalls.
Fortified Clearing.png
Golden Island: Open Land Map. Mix of Ghostlake and Goldrush. Designed by Eru.
Golden Island.png
Grand Bara: Semi Closed Land Map. A dried-up desert with little to no wildlife but plenty of valuable gold. Venture through the forests to take control of the barren desert, but be aware of the unstable cracked terrain.
Grand Bara.png
Mesas: Semi-Closed Land Map.
Naivasha: Hybrid Map with a lot of Gold and few Fish.
Runestones: Like Arabia, but more closed.
Salt Marsh: Like Arabia, shallow Water Terrain without Fish or extra ressources in the center.
Salt Marsh.png
Sand Traps: Open Land Map. Sand dunes make up the rest of the map which make booming hard and give a hill advantage to the aggressors. Stone is not immediately accessible here. Villagers will have to chip away at boulders in order to access any resource.
Sand Traps.png
Settlers: Nomad Start with Transport ship. You have to immigrate instantly to the Island in the center.
Zagros Mountains: Open Land Map like Arabia with outside woodline. Shallow Water prevents direct construction at the outside woodline (2 tiles). Some small extra Gold- and Stonespots. Designed by SAMEDO.
Zagros Mountains.png
> DLC: Lords of the West, Dawn of the Dukes
> 1 versus 1
> Single Elimination
> Round of 16: Bo5
> Quarterfinals: Bo5
> Semifinals: Bo5
> Finals: Bo7
> Map draft: Pick: A, B - Ban: A, B - Pick: B, A, (A, B)
> Civ draft: Captains Mode
> Map order:
For Round of 16: G1: Zagros Mountains - G2 onwards: HM of the loser of the previous game
For Quarterfinals: G1: Zagros Mountains - G2 onwards: HM of the loser of the previous game
For Semifinals: G1: Zagros Mountains - G2 onwards: HM of the loser of the previous game
For Finals: G1: Naivasha - G2 onwards: HM of the loser of the previous game

If you want to participate, please register by sending me a private message. Please let me know what times of the day you can play.
Message me: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose


> Please ensure that you have sufficient free time during the tournament phase.
If a player does not appear on time in the first round, I reserve the right to substitute him.
> We communicate only through private messages in the nC Zone.
> The winner of a match has to send me the rec immediately.
> I will send you a confirmation if you have been accepted.
> Please don't use Teamspeak, Discord, or similar programs during the Match. You have to log out before.
I will try to pay attention on it.

Ingame rules:
> Laming is allowed, but;
> Do not wall in ressources
> Do not delete stragglers near other players' TC
> Every Player can call 1x restart per Round within 5 ingame Minutes. Picking wrong civ or TC-delete is your own fault and not a reason for restart.
Free Restart in the case of bugged map within 5 ingame Minutes. You have to pick the same civs as before.
> NO Dynasties of India DLC Civs (Bengalis, Dravidians, and Gurjaras) because some people don‘t have the DLC. This rule is also intended to protect the identity of the players.

How to create a Lobby:
Bo5: Lobby has to be PRIVATE, disable Spectators and Hide Civilizations.
Bo7 Finals: Lobby has to be PUBLIC, Allow Spectators, Spectator Delay should be 2 minutes, Hide Civilizations.

Game settings:

You can find all the Tournament maps in my Mod. You will get the link in my confirmation mail. Please use the maps of my Mod.
Game Mode: Random Map
Map Size: Tiny (2 Player)
AI Difficulty: Standard
Resources: Standard
Population: 200
Game Speed: Normal
Reveal Map: Normal
Starting Age: Standard
Ending Age: Standard
Treaty Length: None
Victory: Conquest

Please tick the following boxes:
X Lock Teams
X Team Together
X Lock Speed
X Record Game

1st) 50 € via PayPal

Streams & Casting:
I stream all games on my twitch channel www.twitch.tv/samedo_sama
Please let me know, when you want to be my Co-Caster.

Please enjoy the event, good luck and have fun !!!

You can ask me any questions via PN. ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by jouds »

Ich würde auf Set Maps nach Map 1 verzichten, da dass zu einer unfairen Balance an Homemaps kommen kann (3:1).
Gabs bei Hidden Cup (4)? Auch bei Viper und die Regel wurde stark hinterfragt
Terz wrote: Sun 6. Mar 2022, 17:07 Was viele nicht wissen ist dass Jouds ohne freezes eigentlich 500 apm hat

https://clips.twitch.tv/PrettiestInnoce ... JpFDCcGm_D
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by SAMEDO23 »

Danke dir für den berechtigten Hinweis, habe mich tatsächlich auch am Hidden Cup orientiert und diese Thematik nicht auf dem Schirm gehabt. Macht Sinn und wurde angepasst.
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by eC_Gurke »

Klingt cool, aber warum sind fast nur hybrid maps dabei?
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by maxhet »

No walls, no max :)
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by SAMEDO23 »

Vielen dank für euer Feedback. Ich habe ein paar kleine Änderungen vorgenommen, aber ich denke, dass ich eine ausgeglichene (und wilde) Kartenauswahl zusammen gestellt habe. Savonis wurde entfernt (was da eh skeptisch) und durch Sand Traps ersetzt. Grand Bara wurde hinzugefügt.

Land Maps: Badlands, Fortified Clearing, Grand Bara, Golden Island (Ice), Jungle Swamp (Mini-Teich), Mesas, Quarry, Runestones, Sand Traps, Zagros Mountains
Land Maps mit passierbarem Wasser: Fish Beach (Wenig Fisch), Salt Marsh (No Fish)
Hybrid-Maps: Bermuda, Cape of Storms, Forest Pond, Naivasha (Only Finals), Settlers (Nomad), Shorelands

(Maps mit Walls, easy wallable: Forest Pond (Palisade), Fortified Clearing (Stonewall), Quarry, Grand Bara, ggfs Mesas)
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by nC_Andorin »

Schade, ich habe erst ab ende Juni wirklich Zeit, hätte sonst gerne teilgenommen. :(
<__Spartakus__> allse mit der ruhe
Ich trade zu spät weil ich zu aggressiv spiele / spielen möchte... Das ist der Grund warum ich eben nur 12k bin... Naja gut bin ich halt nur so schlecht...

__Spartakus__ So 17. Apr 2016, 00:21
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by nC_Snyper1 »

Jetzt hier son fake Post machen damit dich keiner auf der Rechnung hat, jaja!
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by SAMEDO23 »

Push :)
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Re: Hidden Zone Cup (1vs1)

Post by SAMEDO23 »

Kann ich noch ein paar Leute motivieren, teilzunehmen? Sind bisher weniger als erhofft :D

Steam Account kann ich für euch einrichten, falls das euch zu aufwendig ist.
Zagros Mountains spielt sich sehr ähnlich wie Arabien, wurde ein paar mal im 1vs1 getestet.
Runestones ist im Mappool dabei
Golden Island ist ähnlich wie Goldrush aber offener und Gold großflächig verteilt, Burgen passen nicht in die Mitte.
Salt Marsh, Bad Lands, Sand Traps, Mesas, Fish Beach etc kann man ähnlich wie Arabien spielen
Und auch für alle anderen sind ein paar Hybridkarten und geschlossene Karten verfügbar :D

Maps bewusst mit einer etwas exotischeren, aber gut spielbaren Auswahl
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