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ThisDino Tunier - Open ELO - mirrored Maps

Posted: Tue 12. Jul 2022, 10:15
by hitman999
Hoffe das ist erlaubt hier zu posten:

Tunier von Thisdino - Open ELO

Sein Discord:

Sein Text:

Ladies and Gents - Lovely AoE2 Lovers it is time to announce my 3rd Tournament - SYNCHRON

Brief Overview:
Open Registration - We will have multiple Divisions (Max Elo Span 200)
Sign-In Phase Opens Today 11. July and ends on 31. July
Start of Tournee: 01.August ---> Final planned for 18th September
Double Elimination Group Stage --> Single Elimination Knockout Stage

Whats the thing ?
The Maps of the SYNCHRON-Tournament will all be mirrored or synchronous to 99%. That means if your Goldspot is in the left backside of your base your opponent's Goldspot is in the right backside of his/her base.

How is it possible ?
The Maps are not classic Random Generated so they are not RMS. Those are all Scenario Maps Handcrafted by myself heart gimme a hug - thanks. That also means they are fixed. Every time exactly the same Map. Will lead to some Pros and Cons for sure. Maps will be released before Tournee start so you can test them out and give Feedback

Go ahead and Sign-In to #registration
Spread it out to your friends to have a big partypartying_face

More Information are in the Handbook: ... sp=sharing

Or for the lazy Boys and Girls - you might find the most important in the YouTube Video:

PS: Heute Abend testen ein paar deutsche Spieler seine Maps auf diesem Discord:

Re: ThisDino Tunier - Open ELO - mirrored Maps

Posted: Fri 15. Jul 2022, 12:27
by hitman999
@Wes Iwobi ist dabei yeah